Monday, February 16, 2009

Last Chance for Boston - Half Marathon

Well, the Running Gods were with me yesterday during the half-marathon, and they allowed me to run the race largely pain-free. Nice! I intend to sacrifice a pair of old Saucony's on their behalf at the next full moon. Right calf is a little tight today, but surely a marked improvement from the past 6 weeks.

The weather was good for running, with temperatures right around 30 and only a light breeze. I ran the first 10.1 miles in a high Zone 2/low Zone 3 heart rate range (avg. BPM like 150 - 155), then picked it up a little over the final 3 miles. My final time was nothing to brag about, but I'm pretty pleased overall.

So now its time to focus on the 50K in April! Gotta get out on the trails and start stretching out my runs a bit more .... this will be my first "ultra" and my first trail run over 7 miles, so I've got some things to learn here for sure.

Also, my friend and sometimes running buddy, Bob, was doing the full marathon yesterday - he ended up with a PR by like a minute, so great job Bob!!!

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Emily said...

Wow, I want to come watch the shoes get hosed. Ya! And good for you for doing the 1/2. You're an inspiration Stuart!

Ya ya ya!