Monday, February 23, 2009

Courtesy Wave

So what ever happened to the courtesy wave? You know, you let somebody cut in front of you in traffic and they give you a quick wave in the rear view mirror to say "Hey, thanks for the solid."

Sure, the wave is often abrupt and insincere, but really its only a gesture anyway so the technique in largely irrelevant. The key is the gesture, the recognition, the acknowledgement.

But recent experience suggests that the courtesy wave is a thing of the past. Extinct. Like Walkmans. Or customer service. Or tab-collared dress shirts.

Was there a memo that I missed, highlighting the demise of the courtesy wave? Or are people just too busy texting while driving to perform the courtesy wave?

I say bring back the courtesy wave! Carpe wave!


Vickie said...

I for one almost always give the courtsey wave (unless I am busy texting:). Its not forgotten. Actually I try to be the one to let someone in front of me.!!

Elaine said...

It's an unwritten rule of the road! Everyone should know this!! I'm with you Stu!