Thursday, November 13, 2008

Winter's Bright Side

I'm not a big fan of winter. In fact, its probably my fourth favorite season - or fifth, if you include football season. But, in looking for that sometimes elusive silver lining, I find that the best part of winter is the consistent justification for wearing wool socks. Love 'em. The thicker, the better. When speaking on the Wool Sock Lecture Series (WSLS), I am often asked, "Sure, but can they be too thick?" My answer, accompanied with a practiced look of disbelief, is an emphatic "no". If you can wear your normal shoes, then the socks aren't thick enough. You should have to go up at least one shoe size. Heck, you may even have to adjust the seat in your car to accommodate your new height. Too long? No such thing. Heck, I'll pull 'em over my shoulders if I can.

Not only are they incredibly warm and comfortable, but they are also the cure to most any problem. Got a headache? Try some wool socks. Sore ITB? Wool socks are the answer. Vertigo? Scurvy? Having trouble balancing your checkbook? Wool socks. Wool socks. And yup, wool socks.

I believe they may, perhaps, be the key to world peace. Nobody can exude negative energy when wearing big, thick wool socks. Its like peace for your pigs. They are happiness - with a heel. Grab a big pair the next time you have blurred vision - or just if your feet are cold.

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