Friday, November 21, 2008

O-H -----I-O

Can't live in Columbus and not be aware of the fact that this is Michigan weekend. The football Buckeyes vs. "that team up north". Woody and Bo. Decades of contests involving two of the more elite national programs. This year's match-up may not have the traditional implications, since Big Blue has, uhhh, struggled a bit this season. But, its still Bucks vs. Wolverines. The blimp will be over the 'Shoe. The Hall of Fame Cafe will be jumpin'. 315 will be a parking lot. Or if you're not interested in the game, its a great time to get some shopping done in town as you'll have all the stores to yourself ... just stay away from the campus area.

So here's my prediction, which will likely not be anywhere near the actual results. I'm guessing closer than expected - I think the spread is 15, but its a big rivalry so I'm thinking it will be tighter than expected.

Buckeyes 27 - Michigan 17. Give or take ....

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