Monday, May 10, 2010

Kentucky Herpetology Weekend

Returned from a weekend trip down to Kentucky for the 2010 Herpetology Weekend put on by the Kentucky State Parks (and others). Was a great time, with lots of cool herps and good company. Some photos below --- lots of operator error, so blame the photographer as the critters did their part.

My buddy Steve and I attended the speakers' sessions on Friday and Saturday night - some good info, including an interesting discussion on the status of Kentucky cottonmouth. And we were fortunate to spend much of Friday and Saturday out in the field with some local herper friends who showed us the secret hot spots --- so a big thanks to Joe, Josh, and Jeff for sharing their time and knowledge. Only thing quicker than their ID skills is their wit - like the Three Amigos, but with snake sticks. But they sure do talk funny.

And a special thanks to Jeff and Debbie (and the dogs) for the amazing hospitality at Chez Hohman. Thanks so much, y'all.

A list of critters (other than dozens of ticks) observed over the weekend includes the following, according to my notes ---

  • Snakes: (1) ring neck, (2) black rat, (3) eastern milk, (4) worm, (5) black racer, (6) garter, (7) eastern hognose, (8) black king, (9) copperhead, and (10) watersnake
  • Salamanders: (1) Marbled, (2) Spotted, (3) Streamside, (4) Four toe, (5) Slimy, (6) Longtail, (7) Two line, (8) Red-spotted newt, (9) Northern dusky, and (10) Seal
  • Turtles: (1) Eastern box turtle, and (2) Snapper

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