Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tucson Photos (Summer '09)

Spent a week recently in Arizona, mostly just hiking around and looking for critters. It was toasty, but a lot of fun. Split my time pretty evenly between the Tucson area and up around Sedona.

The shots below are from the Tucson area, where I explored some of the trails at Saguaro National Park (west and east districts), Catalina State Park, and Mount Lemmon. The diversity was pretty cool, spending one day in the low desert at Saguaro and then spending the next day at about 9,000 ft. elevation near the peak of Mt. Lemmon. Good stuff.

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BettySnyder said...

Stu...that is a thoroughly outstanding collection! Truly, this is a splendid group...I picked out so many favorites I used them all up....Can't wait to see Sedona, too !! You are one talented photographer/explorer/adventurer. Not a bad son either. xoxo Hoser