Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ohio Bird Sanctuary

Last weekend was the Mohican Wildlife Weekend, an annual event up near Mohican State Park by Mansfield. The weekend's events include a session for visitors to take photos over at the Ohio Bird Sanctuary. This is a fun way to get some close photos of raptors in a wild setting.

The Ohio Bird Sanctuary ( is a non-profit organization that focuses on rehabilitation and educational efforts involving raptors. Its a nice place, with friendly and knowledgeable staff/volunteers. Their collection consists primarily of birds that have been injured to the extent that they would be unable to survive in the wild. They have several species of owls, falcons, hawks, turkey vultures, and others. Certainly worth a visit if in the area. And they even have a 5K run/walk in mid-July ...

Below are a few photos from my visit - unfortunately I didn't get any good photos of the turkey vulture or the kestrel. The birds in the photos below include a great horned owl, a red-tailed hawk, a harris hawk, and a peregrine falcon.

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