Sunday, January 11, 2009

Franklin Park Conservatory - Photos(1/10/09)

The weather didn't cooperate on Saturday, so I headed over to the Franklin Park Conservatory with my camera. It was the first day of their orchid exhibit, so there were plenty of photo opportunities. As is usually the case, I ended up deleting about 95% of my photos ... but here are a few that made it through the first cut. C'mon Spring, hurry up!


MPA Coaches said...

I really like the purple orchid. Sorry, don't know the scientific name of that one and I like the black and white leaf. Nifty.

Goo Stu!

Vickie said...

How beautiful! The very last one at the bottom is amazing. What is the black and white photo-I thought it looked like an aloe vera plant but I am sure that's not what it is.

Elaine said...

The purple orchid with the what I am assuming is a raindrop falling of it is awesome!

You're so talented Stuey!

MichelleTomallo said...

The TEETS! Gotta love The Grand Tetons. Your pictures are gorgeous and really capture the magic of that place. Breathtaking and lovely.